Thursday, June 20, 2024
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National moving trends, habits revealed

I know five people who moved this month. Three changed residences within Oahu. One went back to the mainland. Another went to Japan. 

Duck brand moving study

New research into the living setups and moving experiences of 2,000 Americans profiled how many times the average person has moved and their experiences along the way. For example, did you know Americans take 182 days to finally unpack their last box after moving into a new home? The study, commissioned by Duck® brand, resulted in some interesting data.

I read the study with amusement. I’ve moved way, way too many times in my life. If you count all the years moving in and out of dormitories for boarding school, that’s ten years’ worth right there. Hey, nine months is a long time to settle in to a room only to have to completely clean up and get out in May.

If you’re looking at it as moving houses, then that’s about six times from birth through college years, and roughly nine times after college. One really learns to pare down and not collect stuff.

Here’s the rest of the study. What do you relate to on this list?

· The average American polled has moved five times in their life so far, living in three separate apartments and two single-family homes most typically.
· Four of those properties are likely to be rentals, with one purchased.

· 20% had roommates who stole their food, more than a third lost all or part of their deposit and 45% experienced a bad landlord.
· Just under half lived in a neighborhood they don’t like; and four in ten lived somewhere they felt was unsafe.
· A change in relationship status is the most likely reason for a move, followed by downsizing or upgrading the house and/ or area lived in.
· Financial issues were the third most common reason for Americans to move.

· The Duck® brand study found the cost of moving can mount – Americans spend $432 per move on average, racking up $2,160 in moving truck rentals, movers and packaging or supplies.
· Results showed the average move also takes over three weeks.
· Americans will typically need an average of 26 boxes per move.

· 55 percent of the survey respondents had an important item damaged during a move.
· 2/3 do not know the correct way to wrap items with Bubble Wrap (HINT: bubbles should face toward the item)

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