Tuesday, July 23, 2024
BLOGSKampai Sugai

My wife, Kelsey, Talks About Her New Ventures Into Modeling, Directing, and Much More! | KSP 56

On today’s episode, we have director, actress, screenwriter, keyboard player, model, my wife and best friend, the Zippy’s girl herself, Kelsey Sugai! Kelsey talks about her new ventures as a model, her experience directing a film that she didn’t write, her experience with acting in a horror short film, upcoming projects in the future, what she wants to accomplish in her career, and much more! Big BIG thank you to my wife, Kelsey, for always being the best guest on my show! You definitely are my favorite guest on the show now and forever! Stay tuned for new upcoming projects from her this year!

Follow her on multiple platforms: IG: @jedi_sugai Production Company: @worldbuildingproductions More info about her: bio.site/Azhujv

Editing by: Kelsey Sugai | @jedi_sugai

Music By: Sunset Drive – Isaac De La Cruz | IG: @fiddlepino">@fiddlepino ℗ 2021 Isaac De La Cruz Released on: 2021-12-09

Artwork By: Sarah Marquez| IG: @trisarahtops_illustrations">@trisarahtops_illustrations

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