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My #MILadventures FLASHBACK: What Happens in Vegas….Gets Posted on Facebook! – November 2013

March 26, 2020 – I totally forgot about this trip to Las Vegas that I took with my MIL in 2013. The background here is that she always like gambling and every family party always had a card game going on. Mostly for fun with a lot of shouting.

She also had this thing about not wanting to travel because someone is going to burglarize the place when she is gone. And that stemmed from a couple of burglaries from long ago. So while it is understandable as to why there would be some concern it also prevented her from doing something she actually liked.

In any case, after my FIL passed away she suddenly felt the need to take a trip to Las Vegas and since most of her kids aren’t really “Vegas people” I offered to accompany her if she wanted someone to join her. Her treat of course because I am not THAT good of a son-in-law.

Below is a series of Facebook posts that I had shared while on the trip mostly as a way of getting information to her family back home but turns out it became kind of “a thing” when others started to react to it.

November 15, 2013 – I dont care what the experts say. Electronics are AWESOME babysitters or in this case MIL-sitter.

November 16, 2013 – Ask my MIL to pose and this is what I get. “Smile! It is your first meal in Vegas this trip.” She still has NOT slept yet. 36 hours and says she doesn’t feel tired.

November 16, 2013 – End of first day here. It is 4:20 AM and my MIL is still downstairs gambling. I on the other hand am going to crash. #nocanhandle

November 17, 2013 – MIL breakfast – Pancakes Please!

MIL: I just want pancakes.
Me: They dont serve pancakes here.
MIL: Is it on the menu?
ME: No it is not.
*gets to cashier* MIL: Can I get pancakes?
ME: *palm to face* 

November 17, 2013 – Since Melissa Chang is waiting for another #MILvegasadventure story here is a quick one:

Before I left I bought two boxes of Mac nut crunch and 6 little boxes of some chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

When we got here I took them out and I old my MIL that I brought these so we can give them to whoever we want to as a “tip” so do whatevers with them. Housekeepers, maybe some nice cocktail waitress peoples, change peoples that help her out, etc. And if we don’t give them all out no big deal because we can just leave the rest for the housekeepers or just eat it. But I am not bringing them home with us.

Arrived late Friday night. Saturday morning she goes shopping with her brother (a repeated story throughout this trip too) and while I was out she opened the mac nut crunch and started eating it. When I got back she tells me to have one because these are good and she never had them before!

I told her I have had them and she does know that we can get plenty back home, right? She said, well I told her I could do what she wanted with them and so she’s eating it because she loves chocolate.

What can I say? I did not really put any restrictions on it’s use. Oh wells.

Box Two of the mac nut crunch has also been opened and is more than halfway gone. I now know what it is like living with an addict. And she knows that stuff isn’t good for her!

November 18, 2013 – What is the FIRST thing you do when eating at a buffet? Ask the waiter for water and pour it into the water bottle you brought with you for later of course! Because that is always the first thing to run out.

November 18, 2013 – Last full day on #MILvegasadventure Trip: Day 4 is re-run day apparently.

Was just told story of picking up the cookie butter for Steven Yoshida and how she didn’t know what flavor to get so she just got the regular because he wouldn’t know because he never tried it before. Which was Saturday night at dinner’s episode. Also a part of that was the “never going shopping with Uncle Roy” story and the “He’s worse than your Dad.” side note because he comes 1 hour early for a pickup which is way earlier than my Dad comes.

The surprise story which comes with a “where are you going with this” silent plea.

It starts out safe. “I’m happy that we got this handicap room. I’m not sure if you are or not but I am.”

Ok, that’s all good with me.

“When I take a bath I can put my left hand on the rail and then I can reach down and scrub my….”

In my head, “Please, Mom, no, uh….what are you going to….”

“….foot. I feel much cleaner and can give it a good scrubbing.”

In my head: Phew! Can we please stop talking about your bathing techniques? Before it gets TMI?!

*Her cell phone rings*


November 19, 2013 – Last day of #MILvegasadventure I am not sure what the day holds for me yet, but after a 3 hour dinner last night there can’t be much more stories, right?

First thing on the agenda. Exchange a dinner food comp voucher for a breakfast one. Apparently this cannot be done with Main Street Casino Host because she won’t be in early enough and so we have to go to The Cal to see the Casino Host there. Max value of the voucher $10.99. Breakfast value $7.99? This is gonna be FUN!

Arrived at The Cal: Whoo hoo! Traded up! Old voucher max value $10.99. MIL happy. 

OMG! I spoke too soon.

Sit down breakfast. I tell MIL there are pancakes on the menu.

Server comes after a few minutes and asks if we are ready to order.

She says no I am still deciding.

I say but you wanted pancakes!!!

She says I know but I am still looking.


5 minutes later when the waitress comes back. She orders the 3 piece pancakes. After analyzing the prices because it is only 40 cents for one more pancake. And the pancakes might be small.

November 19, 2013 – Waffle and bacon for breakfast. MIL tells me that bacon is bad for adults because it is all fat. Thanks Ma. Loving my meal now.

November 19, 2013 – Finally got her pancakes!! AFTER reviewing the whole menu first. And now deciding that she is going to take home whatever syrup she doesn’t use.

November 19, 2013 – MIL is very happy that we came this close to maxing the comp.

November 19, 2013 – Ok, apparently we are in re-runs of the #MILvegasadventure series again. This morning’s story. Uncle Roy is berating her for carrying a purse.

“Look at Hiro, she only has her ID, cash and…..” She pauses because she can’t remember what the last thing is. I finish her sentence. “…a credit card. Just in case Uncle isn’t around with his.”

She doesn’t notice that I obviously already heard that story. Twice.

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