Thursday, June 20, 2024

My #MILadventures Flashback: The Morning Emergency Episode

The following incident occurred on April 4, 2016.

Scene: Today is the first day of my MIL going to Adult Day Care. Melanie is up early to get her ready and take her.

I am awakened by the *bing bong* of the MIL “emergency/help me” bell going off and rush downstairs.

Me: *cautiously opening the inside door* Mel? Is everything ok down here? Do you need me? Is it “safe” to come in?

Mel: Yes, come in. We can’t get the door to the bathroom open. Mom locked the door from the inside and then closed it.

Me: Oh geeze. Ok, let me go get my tools. *runs upstairs to get tools and comes back down*

Mel: Wait. She’s in the other room putting on her clothes.

Me: Oh, well can you stand there and let me pass so I can work on the door.

Mel: Ok. Go ahead.

Me: *heads to the bathroom door with my tools and starts working on door lock* *overhears the following*

Mel: Mom, where are your panties? Why aren’t you wearing underwear?!

Me: *in my head* What? She’s going out commando? Wait, stop thinking! Don’t think, just work!

MIL: No. I have panties on. See?

Me: *in my head* Phew! Ok, dodged a bullet on that one. *back to working on the door*

MIL: It’s my Victoria’s Secret ones.

Me: Arrrrrgghhhhh!!

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