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My #MILadventures FLASHBACK: Ding Dong!

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One of the first #MILadventures SMH interactions happened pretty quickly after we moved in. What we didn’t know at the time was this was just a small sign of what was to come.

April 9, 2015 – We installed a “butler bell” wireless system with two buttons that will ring a doorbell upstairs where we are now living above my MIL. One we put a lanyard on it (she loves her lanyards) so she could keep that near her and would have easy access to it. And then another one that we put at the bottom of the steps so that if she couldn’t find the portable one she at least knew where one was.

So today I go downstairs to drop something off and I ask her where is the button with the lanyard. This is after a lengthy discussion about how she “just found” her house keys and here they are around her neck. I found those keys for her two days ago. Anyways…..

Me: Where is the caller button that we put on a lanyard so you could keep it near you.
MIL: Long pause…….ah! I know where it is. *starts to get up from couch*
Me: No, sit down and rest and just tell me where it is.
MIL: No, I have to show you. *gets up* *walks to shelf* (Note: shelf is right at the bottom of the steps where the fixed button is) Opens a “secret container” and pulls it out.
Me: WTH?!!! Don’t HIDE this EMERGENCY button! It is for E-MER-GENCIES or even if you just need something from us! You have to be able to get to it quickly or at least find it without thinking. Besides, the OTHER button is right here too so you have two in the same area now. What good is that?
MIL: Oh. What does that other button do?
Me: Arrrrgh! They both do the same thing! (Which I have told her many many times already)
MIL: Well I don’t want anyone to accidentally push the button. See how I carefully placed it in the container with the button up. *ADDS VERY PROUDLY* AND I put it in a container with a clear lid so we can see it in there!
Me: *speechless* I need to go and eat my breakfast.

4 thoughts on “My #MILadventures FLASHBACK: Ding Dong!

  • Omgosh this is just too funny! 😂😂🤣

  • This was FIVE YEARS ago???


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