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Mural Project with 808Urban-It’s Going!!!!

We all have the power to be a hero.  Our community needs positive people.  Our community needs more love and peace instead of hating and crumpled hearts.  Never ever be mean or bully people. Instead be their everyday hero and they will like you and maybe they can be friends with you!  You know if you be nice, something great is gonna come right back to you.  

Anne Frank said that, “In spite of everything I still believe that people have a good heart.”  I know every person has a good heart.    One wonderful thing is that your heart and voice can change the world to a better place.                  


Mural Dedicated to our School Ohana 

Third Grade Class of 2017

Priming the wall.
A blank canvas ready to be filled.

Laying down the outline.


All 84 students in our grade got to paint!
Hi Uncle Rod! We could not have done it without help from parent volunteers!


Teachers got to paint, too!

Top Photo: Mural artist’s rendition.

Bottom Photo: Student drawing.  

It was really cool to see our images come to life on the mural!

Stay tuned for our mural unveiling on May 12, 2017!  

A huge thank you to Uncle James  and 808Urban for all of your kokua!  This mural would not be possible without you!  


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