Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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First Day of Daycare: I’m not crying, you’re crying

How did this day even get here? 

We hemmed and hawed about sending E to daycare. Not just because of COVID (but yes, also because of COVID). We actually registered him to start at three months old, but thankfully my parents agreed to watch him (thanks grandma and papa!) so we gave up our spot. But as we started to think about preschool and wanting him to get socialized with other kids and have a more structured experience… we decided to go for it (or go for it at least three days a week).

Of course, like they say, it’s harder on the parents than it is the kid. But I don’t think it was hard on T at all (eye roll) or E who ran off excitedly as soon as we entered the room to play with his new baby friends. Way to make your mom feel loved, kid. 

All in all we survived our first day. Someone didn’t eat his lunch. Didn’t take a nap. And didn’t use the potty . But he also didn’t hit any kids (that I know of) or scream (the whole time). And I didn’t cry when I dropped him off. And restrained myself enough not to drive down to look at him on the CCTV cameras every few hours. Or pick him up early. 

So win.

And he came home exhausted and passed out before bedtime. So big win.

Let’s just hope he goes to “school” again tomorrow with the same excitement. And runs away to play with his little friends without a tear or even noticing that I’ve gone (again, break my mommy heart why dontcha).

But maybe tomorrow E, lets eat our lunch and take a nap. 🙂 

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