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Mom & the lizard-licked M&M’s

by Olivia Hansen

Courtesy: George Playdon
Courtesy: George Playdon

I was sitting on our awesome new couch and then Mom yelled, “Oh my gosh you guys, look at this! A lizard totally licked Liv’s M&M’s left out from last night!” Then, because I have to know what this is all about, I get up.

Apparently, she was not joking with me. What she said was actually true! 

The M&Ms had been licked to the chocolate. Half of the sugar coat was licked off. Just imagine a lizard licking half of a colored part of an M&M off.

Fortunately, this was good for an experiment. We put out two M&Ms and the lizards totally licked both M&Ms on both sides. Crazy, right?

Then, we did all the normal day stuff and we discovered the lizards liked sugar so much, they got into the bag! They licked most of the sugar off so they looked like brown chocolate balls. 

Well, we threw it away because Mom didn’t want to eat lizard-tongue-touched M&Ms, not because she found out they have a bad disease that all reptiles have. But when I was six, Mom ate M&Ms that were lizard-licked.

This is the best part. She thought the M&Ms she ate were either cracked off or that the sugar coat melted off. She didn’t expect a gecko’s tongue had touched the M&M.

Here’s a shout out to all you lizards eating M&Ms left out on a counter: If you eat people food, you guys have to take my job around the house.

You have to do the dishes. HA! Maybe I’ll even add on walking the dog if you keep this up.

Inca, my black Lab, at the beach. Happy dog, huh?

7 thoughts on “Mom & the lizard-licked M&M’s

  • I really liked your blog post. Is that green lizard the one that licked the M&Ms? Inca looks like a very happy dog. But then she does live in Hawaii!

    • Hi! This is Mom! Thank you so much! Someone is very proud of herself. Your comment made her even prouder. Thank you!!!

    • No, that is not the lizard that licked the m&m’s. That is actually my mom’s friend’s picture of the lizard in his house, but it might be a cousin of the other Madagascar lizard. Thanks for the comment. I love that you like my blog; it took a lot of hard work.
      From Liv

  • Ha! Who would have known that about lizards! Good experiment!

  • these are a menace and i cant stand having them in my HOUSE yes they are pretty ALIENS !!!! they eat puka into papaya, banana, tomato and make them rot….. SO the old fashioned geckos are good in da hale, but not these BUGGAHS and yeh like us wahine, they like Chocolate too ~~~

  • I loved your blog, Olivia. It was so funny … and informative, too. I never knew geckos like the coating of M&Ms but not the chocolate. You’re a really good blogger just like your mom!


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