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#MILadventures: Panty shopping with the MIL. Welcome to my world. – May 19, 2015

This is another one of those flashback posts where I have revisited some of the experiences that I have encountered via my MIL. This is one of those posts that in my mind have become “legendary” because 5 years later I am still catching flak from some of my social media friends with comments like “Are you going panty shopping with your MIL today?” or “What color panties did your MIL pick out?”

After revisiting this post I realized that the real WTH moments weren’t captured in the exchange below. Moments where she tells me about the types of panties that the varies female members of the family like (or don’t like) to wear. The sad part is, the TMI part of her brain has never ever been there so I can’t even blame this on her aging. Oh wells.

ME: *stops car in parking lot across VS* Ok. There is Victoria’s Secret. There isn’t parking so I am just going to drive around this area to find a space and wait for you.

MIL: Um. Yes I know where it is.

ME: No, I am dropping you off. You need to get out here.

MIL: Oh well everyone is different. Amanda yells at me when I take off my seat belt before the car is stopped.

ME: The car IS stopped.

MIL: But she doesn’t let me do it before the car is parked in a stall.

ME: I can’t find a stall! That is why I am dropping you off here.

ME: *heavy sigh*

She finally got out and went inside. Then I realized that I better find a parking stall and get in there or she could leave the other way and I would end up spending the rest of the day trying to find her!

In retrospect I probably should have just waited in the car. It would have been far less traumatizing to have to go look for her around the mall than to be in VICTORIA’S SECRET with my MIL. Shopping for panties. Welcome to my world.

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