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Living life from a question

What we vibrate by our thoughts and emotions causes the universe to change our world to match that vibration. Hence, all of these blogs are designed to vibrate consciously. 

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Could you get more out of life if you live it from a question? Let’s think about that today.

We now know from neuroscience so much about how the brain works.  One thing our brains does is to connect the dots whenever we choose to dwell on a thought. I like being only positive, yet at the same time, it can  be dangerous.  

When we have a negative thought, as in about our health or the current virus, our brain instantly looks into its memory of any past instances connected to that thought. Then another part of our brain puts those “dots”together to form new thought streams. 

This usually shows up in our heads as an “OMG, what if this or that happens?!” The more we continue to focus on that group of thoughts, the more intense they get, and if that results in a negative emotion  like fear or anxiety, our cells will actually produce chemicals that can impair our immune system. Not good!

We can use this same brain function in a positive and conscious manner. One trick is to ask yourself a question. For example, “How can I improve my current health?” or “What can I do today to improve my health?” The brain seems to love questions and will ponder answers and can be very creative.  

I have a number of pages in my “life book” dedicated to questions. At the top of one page I have written “What can I do to improve my health?” Under that I have:

1. Green smoothie and vitamin pack daily. 

2. AM routine of 200 reps on my total gym fit.

3. Fiber and “calm” drink nightly before bed.   

And so on. The point is, my “dots” are connecting  and I have action items I can put into my day planner.

Obviously, I don’t always have a notebook, so on the golf course today, I asked myself, “How can I improve my golf game?” and my mind gave me an answer. I then asked, “What else can I do to improve my golf game?” and I got another answer. That goes to show you can do this exercise with or without pen and paper.  I shot 83, which is a good score for me– coincidence?

Try it. I hope this helps you!

Life is an amazing adventure and I am enjoying the ride!

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