Monday, May 20, 2024
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Life Book Mastery: connecting goals and habits

What we vibrate by our thoughts and emotions causes the universe to change our world to match that vibration. All of these blogs are designed to vibrate consciously.

I am constantly taking classes and reading seeking to improve and learn new things.  Some time ago, I was told that if I really want to learn something, I have it sink in and do it with the intention to teach it. Hence, this blog; it is a bit selfish, and I do like sharing with those who find this kind of thing interesting. 

This week I am engaged in a section of a class called Life Book Mastery.  The lesson is on the connection between goals and habits.  At first I thought “no new news” but then I started to buy into the process.  The premise is that goals inspire the habits and the habits accomplish the goals. 

So from the last blog on “Living life from questions,” once the goal is clearly stated, you then ask yourself, “What can I do on a regular basis to accomplish my goal?”  The target is to come up with 12 actions, and write a sentence on why each action will move me forward to accomplishing the goal.  Then put them in the day planner and each day check off whether or not the action was taken. 

Insanity has been said to be doing the same things day after day and expecting different results.  Creating new habits, repeating actions over time, will get different results. 

I have my goal synopsis from the six weeks of “Life Book Online,” and I have chosen one to focus on.  I have printed out the worksheets and have come up with 12 action steps. By the end of the evening, I will have put them into my plan for tomorrow. 

As an aside I have the notion that when I get a new idea, and I get chicken skin when I imagine how it will play out, it is confirmation from my higher self that I am on the right track. 

Life is an amazing journey and I am enjoying the ride.   ,

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