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Lessons from a face reading master

How great would it be for you to know many things about a person, the moment you meet them? And without being psychic?

That’s the result of knowing the science behind the art of face reading, which Eric Standop shared in a workshop at the Halekulani recently. The hotel holds “Living Well Interactives” workshops once a month, and this face reading workshop was a fascinating way to kick off the year.

Face readers Richard Pilnick and Eric Standop

Standop showed us portraits taken by colleague and former fashion photographer Richard Pilnick, and explained not only what their faces showed about their lives, but what they did with his advice to go on to live happier lives. Like the lines in your palm, you can change the way your face looks with changes to your life.

Your personality is given at birth, Standof explained, which is tied to your life purpose. Your talents are also given at birth to enable you to live your life purpose. What you develop through the years — through culture, environment, experiences — is your character. As your character changes, so does your facial expression, and the stress or contentment of living your true purpose is projected through your face … whether you know it or not.

Through face reading, Standof can tell if you’re living your best life or not. “Live your talents to be happy,” he said. “Don’t waste time learning to be something else that doesn’t support your talent, or you don’t live well.”

You know how it is. You’re actually a performer, but your parents push you to be a doctor instead. I used to know a dentist who really wanted to be an attorney. Or you get married and have children thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do for a perfect life, but all you really want to do is travel and party. It happens.

Standof uses face reading to help people struggling to realize their life purpose and move on to create their best destiny. Sometimes they don’t realize they’re struggling. Sometimes they just need to make small tweaks to their lives; others make drastic changes. And as an extra benefit, as he uses both sides of his brain, he can write a poem about you as he sees you through your face.

Pilnick, on the other hand, uses his experience and talent as a photographer to capture you in a portrait. He also offers face reading.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do a reading after the class, but it gave me a lot to think about. Are you living your best life? Do you think you’re doing what you were put on this earth to do?

If you want to get a reading, Standof and Pilnick are taking reservations at SpaHalekulani through January 16. A 45-minute reading is $350; 90 minutes is $500. If you want a reading and a portrait, the package is $600; a reading, portrait and poem is $800.

If face reading isn’t your thing, SpaHalekulani has some pretty interesting Living Well workshops coming up. February, of course, is about how to rekindle romance in your life, and March is about “The Law of Attraction” (as in achieving your life goals and manifesting your best destiny). I’m kind of interested in June’s numerology workshop. For the schedule, click here.

The Living Well Interactive workshops, held on the second Saturday of the month, are free for Halekulani guests but $25 for the general public. Paying participants get a gift from SpaHalekulani, though. For more information, call them at 808-931-5322.

Portraits from

I can’t go into the different face stories — that would be too long — but I wanted to share a few things he taught us that we could take into our daily lives, maybe lead to our own self-discovery.

Large pupils show imagination, creativity, and emotion, which is why your pupils get big when you’re in love. This is also common in children.

Small pupils are tied to more analytical minds, more knowledge, higher intelligence. Neither is good or bad, and you can work to shift the size of your pupils.

When you see a lot of white below the eye’s iris, that signals exhaustion.

People with eyelids like Garfield the Cat are dreamers.

Horizontal lines on the nose bridge mean back pain issues.

Dark circles under the eyes mean you’re not getting sleep, but violet shade under the eyes is tied to cortisol, which is tied to stress.

When ears are flat against one’s head, the person loves peace and balance … sometimes at all costs.

Chinese and Greek face readers all agree, “freckles are the stars of the universe.” When you have a lot of freckles, you belong to the world. Travel, helping others, exploration, etc. is probably good for people with freckles.

Three straight, unbroken lines (or more) on the forehead show focus and stability. Standof said this is actually what makes George Clooney so attractive.

A dominant upper lip is for people who are more creative. You see this a lot in artists, especially musicians.

A dominant lower lip signifies dominance as well as materialism.

A “bucket face” (which, given the example, literally is shaped like a traditional pail) shows someone who is visionary and pragmatic — an intriguing creator who wants to leave their footprints on the planet. (A poetic phrase for legacy.)

Developed, strong jaws are often seen in fighters, as it comes from high testosterone. But you can see it in women, too. This can also develop from clenching teeth or even bulimia.

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