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Launch of Mural Project with 808Urban

Wow, it has been a long time since our last post and we have been busy.  We are super excited to have the opportunity to create a mural with 808Urban with the rest of our grade level.  It is a pretty big project.

Our mural artist is James Davis and he really wanted the kids to go on a journey to discover “Who Am I?” through the process of creating our mural.  We learned about symbolism in class and wrote poems to explore our personal identity.

Finally, each of us created a symbol that stood for our personal journey to “Be the Change”. We each wrote a reflection that explained what are symbol meant.  We shared our symbols and reflections with our parents during Goal Sharing Conferences.  The results were amazing!  Below are our symbols and reflections.  


This symbol is a canoe with paddlers, paddling in rough waves.  This symbol stands for faith.  The canoe is how I act.  The waves are the problems.  The paddlers are what I’m thinking to keep me going.  In life I sometimes have problems.  Sometimes hard ones.  But my mind keep me going.  -Hunter P.

This symbol is me and my family on a airplane.  The symbol stands for knowing who I am.  The flag stands for my culture.  The sunset stands for the beauty of going to Korea.  The airplane stands for all the places I will go to in Korea.  The buildings stand for all the new things I will see in Korea.  The sun stands for hope.  In life I want to be able to to meet my family in person.  I also want to see my culture and all the cool food, places, and more.  Even if it didn’t go how I wanted it to go.  -Kashari H.

The symbol is a refugee sailing to America.  This symbol stands for having faith.  The boat stands for my actions.  The rough waters stand for my problems.  The rough waters can bring me anywhere.  The people stand for me.  It is important because in life, I need to reach my goal even if it will take a long time.  It will not be easy.  I chose this symbol because my grandparents sailed to America by boat from Vietnam.  -Jerry T.

The symbol stands for a flower growing to the sky.  This symbol stands for confidence.  The flower stands for me.  I am a flower because I always grows up to new challenges.  Like math.  I will grow through the challenge.  The roots stand for me never giving up on my dream.  Also I always have a good spirit.  The flower also stands for me being strong for the problem.  -Jordan R.

This symbol is a rock in the middle of the ocean and waves hitting the rock.  This symbol stands for bravery.  The rock stands for me.  The waves are problems I might come across.  The clouds stand for my goals.  In life, I want to be able to be brave and to keep on moving on.  Sometimes I cry when things get hard but I keep on going.  Also I know I need to be strong because I’m the oldest person in my family.  My brothers look up to me. -Noah W.

This symbol is a person on a parachute.  This symbol stands for slowing down.  This also means to slow down before I move on.  Each mountain means a problem.  It is important because slowing down helps you to relax.  I think I need to slow down and check my work.  I always rush and not take my time.  I can do so much better if I slow down.  I need my symbol in my life.  If I rush I go too quick and get stuff wrong. -Tyler T.

This symbol is Maui slowing down the sun.  This symbol stands for courage and bravery.  The sun stands for ideas that I have.  The rope stands for how I will catch my ideas before they fly away.  Maui stands for me and to never give up in life.  The war club stands for in life violence is a last resort.  The rocks aren’t there for no reason.  The rocks stand for how the journey of life is never a straight path.  This will help in life because I can’t have an idea and keep it in my head forever!  I have to catch that idea and make it happen. -Vini T.

This symbol is a taiko drum.  This symbol stands for being confident.  The taiko stands for hitting the drum so hard.  The sticks represent my voice.  It is important because everyone can be like a drum to be more confident.  In life, I want to be able to be brave.  It will not be easy but it’s okay because I’ doing the right thing for myself.  I know that sometimes I don’t try new things but I will challenge myself.  If I want to be doing new things I want to be strong. -Liana K.

This symbol is trying to get to somewhere.  The map stands for where you need to go.  The book stands for learning.  Each symbol represents something in life.  Together it all represents learning your way up.  When I first came from China it was hard for me because I didn’t know any English.  I learned to never stop trying.  I learned English.  The only plant that is different is me trying to grow.  The compass is for knowing where to go.  In life, I want to be able to fight for my right.  I won’t give up. -Melodie W.

This is a symbol of a mirror with a reflection.  This symbol stands for knowing who you are.  The reflection is me.  The mirror stands for faith.  The flower stands for patience.  The shine stands for the problems I may face.  The frame stands for ideas.  In life, I know to keep on going.  Sometimes I may struggle, but I know struggling is good for me.  In life, this will help to find out who you are.  A mirror is worth an adventure, an adventure to find out who you are.  That is a mirror. -Kaiya H.

This symbol is a hanbok, South Korean flag, and shoes.  The hanbok stands for stand tall.  The Korean flag stands for being proud.  The Korean shoes stands for keep on going no matter what.  In life it is important to stand tall, be proud, and keep on going.  You never know what might happen.  My culture helps me to be myself.  My family means to me as my life and I can’t live without them. -Keilani S.

This symbol is a daruma falling down and never getting up but the daruma stood up straight with oy and faith.  This symbol stands for never giving up.  The daruma stands for me and the flags are my friends and family that are cheering for me.  The mountain is the problem and the sun is my goal.  It is important in life because if you fall down you need to get back up no matter what happens to me.  If a problem comes I will try to block it and try to make myself happy instead of sad and heartbroken.  Then think on the bright side. -Sawa M.

My symbol is a football player like a girl playing.  Have faith in yourself and don’t back down.  I love this sport.  This symbol stand for being yourself.  A touchdown means you can be your best.  It is important to me and to my heart.  In life, I know I need to try my best to focus.  I’m going to show progress. -Jaedyn U.

This symbol is a fish tank with fish.  It stands for balancing the water temperature.  The fish stand for living things that need balance.  It is important because if the water is not the right temperature the fish will die.  In life I want to be able to find the right balance in my life.  Sometimes I don’t do what I am supposed to do.  I need to stop spacing out.  I know I have a lot to offer. -Jack P.

This symbol is an airplane flying to its destiny.  This symbol stands for courage.  The airplane stands for me getting to my goal.  The wind stands for the problems that keep me from my goal.  It is important because it teaches me that you can’t just go where you want, you might have to slow down and face the problems.  In life, I want to be able to keep going even though there’s a problem, but don’t ignore the problem.  I know that I need to face my problems and don’t wait for someone to help me.  I will not be scared.  I know that sometimes, my goal turns out to be not such a good goal for me.  If there’s a problem, I want to know how to fix it.  Even if problems are in my way, I will keep going.  In life, it is important to believe in yourself, and keep moving forward. -Zoemi K.

This symbol is a map with a lot of places to go and a lot of challenges.  This symbol stands for toughness.  The person going on all these challenges is me.  The “x” is my goal that I am trying to get to.  Success never goes in a straight line.  In life, I want to be able to do everything and anything.  Some people say that girls can’t do what boys do.  That’s totally not true.  Girls can do anything that boys can do.   I know that I have to just keep on going.  If I stop that is just giving up and I don’t wan to stop.  I only stop when I get to my goal.  Now that is how you find and make a journey. -Marie M.

This symbol is an action figure.  This symbol stands for action and responsibility.  The action figure means hard work and responsibility.  I am doing actions to reach my goal, going through the problems.  It isn’t for violence.  My active body can defend itself from problems and bad thoughts.  I may have to face problems, but I won’t show anger.  I am just gonna protect y family, my friends, and I.  I won’t let any problem stop me!  I do my responsibilities with my actions.  I won’t give up on any problem!  In life, it is important to reach your goal.  In addition, problems help you become a better person too! -Sarah T.

This symbol stands for someone shooting a ball through a hoop.  The symbol means that the ball is me and the hoop is my goals.  This symbol is important because you need to do things right.  You also need faith and hope in yourself.  You need faith to do things and you need hope to believe in yourself.  You need to do your best and be who are, not someone else.  Use your head and think like you know who you are.  No one can be you or beat you because you are you.  You run your own race, not against others.  Do your best and be your best.  Stay strong.      -Nikita G.

This symbol is a skateboarder.  Going the speed stands for you.  Each skateboard represents speed.  If I cannot do a trick I will keep trying.  You need to have faith in yourself.  I need to be more careful so I don’t break anything.  I can try new things.  If it does not work I’ll try something new.  I need to watch myself and pay attention to what’s going on. -Kaimana C.

This symbol is a flower in the road reaching for the sun in space.  Tis symbol stands for keep going.  The road stands for the bullies in your life.  The cars stand for the problems in your life.  This means to me in life, stay up and don’t let problems in life hold you back.  In life, I want to be able to do the things I want to do in life and keep on going on my journey in my life.  I want to go anywhere I can to get a hedgehog.  -Hunter T.

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  • I am so touched and inspired by the voices and thoughts of our future leaders… our children. Thank you Mrs. V for guiding their path to inspiration! ❤💙💜

    • Thank you so much!

  • I loved seeing the symbols and reading the reflections behind them. Awesome job, Aloha Keiki Bloggers!


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