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Keiki Bloggers-Kaimuki Adventures PT. 1

Part 1 of our Kaimuki Adventures

Written by the Aloha Keiki Blogger 3rd Grade Students

Last week we went to Kaimuki. We walked for hours. I was so hot. I saw lots of places. It was so fun. Pillbox was the best. Vini’s dad got us ice cream. I got birthday cake and Vini got cookie dough. Jerry got real vanilla. If you ever get to Kaimuki go to Pillbox. This is why Kaimuki is a place to explore.  Some people disagree saying Kaimuki is a junky old place so I challenge this. I don’t think Kaimuki is a junk place.  It is a special unique place that has history and family run places.  Next time you see a family run business help and support them and give them a big smile. –Keilani

Super Pho

Kaimuki has a place that sells delicious pho. The place is called Super Pho. Super Pho has great service, they greeted us with a smile. Angel Tran started the business in 2006. Their most popular dish is the bánh phở and the rice plate. The store hours are 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.   They accept cash and credit card. The ambiance is casual, and the attire is casual too. They don’t have delivery, but they have take out. The pho gà is $9.99 and the combination pho is $11.99. Be careful, the pho can be very hot sometimes. Their address is: 3538 Waialae Ave Honolulu, HI 96816. Their phone number is (808)-735-9989. -Jerry 

Happy Days

Happy Days is the BEST Chinese restaurant in Kaimuki! They showed us different types of cool fish. They are very kid-friendly. They are open from 8:00am to 10:00pm. So don’t come late! MY family and I go to Happy Days every year for a New Year’s celebration! I love the duck, choy sum, chicken feet, and the egg soup. The price is not as bad.   –Sarah 

Some of the many dim sum choices that you can choose from. Stop by before 11 a.m. for a 15 percent discount. Photo: Jerry
Look Fun
Crispy Won Ton

img_6306-1 img_6310

Hot Yoga 8

Kaimuki has the best places to relax like Hot Yoga 8. It’s a family business and I know this because I work there with my parents who own Hot Yoga 8. Tell your parents it’s a great place to take out stress, pain and it can show you how to be one with yourself. We are open from 5:00 am – 9:15 pm. We have about 17 classes a day. Most instructors have 3 classes a day. My Uncle Conrad teaches about 6 or 7 classes a day. There are 9 different types of yoga classes a day. The most famous type of yoga is Hot 26. There are workshops happening as well. Hot Yoga 8 is right above the new 12th Ave. Grill.  –Vaihitimahana

Photo: Hot Yoga 8 Instagram

Kaimuki Community Park

The Kaimuki Community Park is a great place to hang out. It has a basketball court, lots of climbing bars, a slide, monkey bars, and benches. Find Kaimuki Community Park at 3521 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816. It is great for little kids and adults too! I went on a field trip to Kaimuki and ate lunch at Kaimuki Community Park! They have summer fun there! The problem is that there is no parking lot. Have fun!!  – Kaiya 


Aloha Crepes

Kaimuki has the best desserts that will make your mouth water. There is a place called Aloha Crepes. It is very good. You should try it some day. Their snow ice is so yummy. Sometimes me and my family go there for breakfast. They have a lot of flavors of snow ice. I have been there a lot. You can watch them make your crepes. It is fun to watch. Hope you like Aloha Crepes. -Marie

Shave ice magic.
 So much to choose from!
    Gotta try their breakfast next time.

Crack Seed Store

Kaimuki has the Crack Seed Store. Crack Seed Store has tons of good snacks to snack on!  The price is totally affordable, almost everything in the store is under five dollars.  A good thing at the Crack Seed Store is the soda can candy. It is like a tiny marshmallow. You can suck on them or bite them.  The ICEE is really cheap!  They are really kid friendly, so you are able to take your guest with you to… COOL off!  Crack Seed store sells crack seed which is a popular snack in Hawai’i.  Every day, they are open from 9:30am-6:00pm, they are CLOSED on Sundays.  Crack Seed Store shares with you a big smile,  just like you and me!  The owner has worked there for 37 years. They open at 9:30AM to 6:00PM and he is kid friendly. He did not get mad when we made a big line. -Kaimana and Sarah

The owner was so patient with us!
  All that yummy crack seed!
 They even got other snacks!
 Mrs. V loves the Icee Float.

To sum it up, Kaimuki is a place filled with history and character. Some people argue that Kaimuki needs to be changed or taken down.  The point is please don’t do “any kine” because when you do “any kine” you can get “any kine”. Think about what you should do, because you could be hurting the aina and that’s not good. But deep inside of me, I feel that my intuition is right and that we should not change Kaimuki and make it new with tons and tons of high rise buildings because it is not about that and anyways, old has more character. Probably I am like you when I was younger. I would want everything and I would get spoiled a lot. I still do want a lot at home, and I know that it is bad to do that, but still some people can’t help it and sometimes neither can I. I feel that Kaimuki needs to stay how it is. That is what makes Kaimuki, Kaimuki.  My teacher Mrs.V always said no matter what “Be better than you were yesterday!”  Support local businesses and family run shops in Kaimuki. – Joie, Kaiya, and Marie

Did you know that the first supermarket in Hawaii was in Kaimuki? It was at the location of Azeteca Mexican restaurant.
Even celebrities like to hang out in Kaimuki. Scott Caan of Hawaii Five-O with one of our Aloha Keiki bloggers.


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