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Insomnia threatens marital bed

My poor husband. I have insomnia now, ever since I quit my early morning job.

My body is having a hard time adjusting to a normal routine, so often I wake as early as 3 a.m. or at night, I toss and turn in bed through midnight. It is making him crazy.

I see a lot of night sky lately. (November 14, 2016 supermoon)
I see a lot of night sky lately. (November 14, 2016 supermoon)

I exercise at least a half hour on most days, but it’s not a guarantee of restful sleep… yet. Odd.

For two years when I worked on a morning news programme, Claus chose to sleep in the guest room so he wouldn’t be awoken by my 3 a.m. alarm, and so he wouldn’t bother me when I was trying to fall asleep at 6:30 p.m.

Now that it’s over, he thought it safe to return to the master bedroom. He was wrong! He’s been waiting patiently for my body to figure it out, but he’s literally losing sleep over it.

I lie down, fidget restlessly, and rise again one or more times at night. I watch Netflix. I drink decaf tea. I take a melatonin pill. I do yoga in my yoga room. Sometimes these are all separate trips.

I think I tiptoe back in but the acoustics in my house are fantastic (read: thin walls) and he hears me. I finally asked him on one sleepless occasion, “Do you hate sleeping with me yet?”

“What do you mean, ‘sleeping?’” he quipped.

Oh, long suffering husband. I would absolutely not be surprised if the guest room finds itself with my husband as the regular guest again – at least for a little while longer until I settle into what used to be a reliably great sleeping routine!

4 thoughts on “Insomnia threatens marital bed

  • Trying sleeping with someone who does not sleep at all excepted when I was to get up for work 3:00am

    • Hilarious. Yes, a 3 a.m. wake up can be rough. It was for me. So maybe you and I should have been housemates for a time, and Chris could’ve lived with Claus in the home that he renovated anyway.

  • I know what this feels like I have been driving a city bus fir 26 years. I rise as early as 1 or 2 am on many occasions to report fir work, I hurt my back 2 years ago n my scheduke and bidy just wont get right. I still arise at 3 am most mornings going back to sleep at 6 or 7 thats usually a break time sleeping till 11 oe 12 still jumping up like I have to report back to work. I try going to sleep early but I gotta watch my news before I sleep this schedule is drivinf me nuts 2 years and it still has not changed. What do u do?

    • It’s hard – I know. So many factors into deciding to quit. Thanks, though, for taking Hawaii’s people around on their early morning commutes.


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