Monday, May 27, 2024
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If only there was more honesty in the world

Olivia will confess to us immediately if she got into trouble at school. Sometimes, if she has access, she’ll call me from her friend’s phone to alert me.

Her dad and I always appreciate this and greatly moderate our response to reward her honesty. It’s simple human nature to want the heads up, especially if a teacher is about to call us, but moreso, we want to enforce truth-telling in our child.

It’s been a pretty fast road to learn this. There’ve been a few missteps along the way but she’s gotten the idea.

Besides the reinforcement of the value of honesty, she thinks we have eyes on the back of our heads and spies everywhere. By “thinks” I mean, because we told her so.

One evening recently, she thanked me for this. “I like how you don’t get so mad at me when I tell you the truth if I get in trouble.” This was the first time she’d ever acknowledged that, to my pleasant surprise.

“Yes, Dear. I always appreciate when you’re honest,” I confirmed. 

I’m glad to raise a child with that quality. If only there were more honesty in the world, in general, huh?

3 thoughts on “If only there was more honesty in the world

  • Hello Diane, you and Claus are doing a great job in raising Olivia!

  • I am like that myself — I just wish my parents were a lot more considerate instead of treating me like some criminal (which they sometimes do today).

    • Mathew – a Smooth Criminal? (Points if you got the Michael Jackson reference.) LOL, just kidding. You sound like a great son by all the things I ever read on your social media posts.

      M- Thank you!!!!!!!


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