Monday, June 17, 2024
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I have Mom-term memory

Olivia came up with a phrase for my constant forgetting: “You have Mom-term memory,” she teased.

She’s not wrong. This latest episode came after I walked from the kitchen to the computer and exclaimed, “What was I going to look up? I can’t remember.”

This kid of mine is a hoot.

I know there are a lot of studies about how pregnancy hormones affect a woman’s memory, but I would like to think moms regain their memory after the baby goes vertical. 

I don’t know. It’s been one thing after another for me.

Managing the constant needs of children chips away at my brain’s ability to think.

It’s constant fatigue for various reasons or monthly hormone spikes. I still eagerly await the day I can remember things better.

I have endless optimism. I feel like Hachi, the Japanese train station dog. 

Oh, wait. What were we talking about?

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