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Husbands who don’t listen

My husband and I have become that marital stereotype where the man doesn’t listen to the woman. I’ve joked about this before and I’ll joke about it again.

Sunday night, it was a busy news day. There were three shootings (one that involved police), a stabbing, two police pursuits of suspects on the roads, and a homeless sweep that piqued network news interest. Just as I was about to leave work at 10:30 p.m., we heard chatter on the police scanner that would’ve been sensational had it panned out; meaning, I couldn’t leave work until I figured out where that was going. 

I got home and Claus asked me how work was. I told him all the above + about my level of stress. He conversed with me as if he were really getting all this. It seemed like a normal conversation.

The next morning, I got up and he asked me, “How was work last night?” 

I said, confused, “You mean other than what I told you?”

He got that look where he’s trying to cover his tracks. “Yeah. Exactly. What else?”

Testy wife: “Where did we leave off? What did I tell you last night?”

Husband: “A bunch of stuff.”

Yeah. Why do I even bother?

2 thoughts on “Husbands who don’t listen

  • Ha ha ha! I guess they are all the same! Rolling eyes!


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