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How to have sex on a plane

Are you part of the Mile High Club? Have you had sex on a plane?

Courtesy: SaucyDates.com

British business SaucyDates.com actually conducted a survey about this, and sent me the findings. I don’t know how people find me, but I get a lot of random press pitches, and this was too scintillating not to post.

It asked 11,179 people to share their experiences of sex on an aeroplane. Who are people doing it with? Saucy Dates says:

18% of sex on a plane is with staff members
30% of sex on a plane is with a stranger
78% of people would like to do it
Boeing 747 is the most popular

For those who said yes, the surveyors had a lot of follow up questions:

Where did you have sex on a plane?
Who did you have sex with?
Was it day time or night time?
How long did sex last? (intercourse, not foreplay)
What was the airline name?
What was the type of plane?
Did you get caught?

Apparently, in this very rough and unscientific poll, American Airlines comes out as the top choice of air carrier. It didn’t say why. What kinds of passengers does American Air attract? LOL

One of the tidbits I found funniest is that it’s not technically a mile high club; a plane cruises at 37,000 feet, which is actually seven miles. When the plane is at one mile, it’s well into final approach.

All the dirty details are at https://www.saucydates.com/how-to-have-sex-on-a-plane/.

So… how friendly are the skies you fly??? 


2 thoughts on “How to have sex on a plane

  • Hello Diane,
    That’s something I wanted to do for awhile but don’t know how to do it without getting caught.

    • Well! I hope the blog gave you some helpful advice! LOL


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