Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Hawaii author discusses death, dying and spirituality in book Simply Sacred

Many of us are experiencing an urgency to wake up, to live more fully in the here and now, and to stop taking our lives for granted. We are haunted by a feeling there is something more to life, something just out of reach. We feel disconnected, incomplete, but sense an intrinsic wholeness at a deeper level of our being.

In Simply Sacred, author Irene Kokatay offers an invitation to wake up to our fundamental nature in the ordinary lives we’re living. She weaves together narratives of her years of experience working as a hospice counselor facing death on a regular basis, at an ashram in India and her encounters with a spiritual mentor to share her unique journey of awakening. Kokatay seeks to inspire others to embark on their own quest to live a richer and fuller expression of who they are and help readers on their own spiritual journeys.

She currently resides in Kamuela, Hawaii and has recently written a blog post about the opportunity for healing that Hawaii provides residents. Together with her partner and mentor, Stuart Mooney, she has hosted spiritual programs and retreats focusing on bringing awakened consciousness into our everyday lives.

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