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Hamakua Marsh

Our class has been learning about wetlands.  We visited the Hamakua Marsh with the Hawaii Nature Center for a Learning Trip.  Later, we discovered plans to develop the Hamakua Marsh and Kawainui Marsh.  Below are responses to the development plans.  -Mrs. V


Wetlands are beautiful!!  I went to Hamakua Marsh with my class.   The area was very peaceful. I liked that we were the only people there.  We were surrounded.  I saw beautiful  birds. For example, I saw the ‘Alae ‘Ula. It is a Mudhen.  My favorite bird is the ‘Alae Ke’oke’o, which is a coot. They are in danger so please help with the wetlands that they live in.  -Ephraim W.


Wetlands should be cleaned up by us every time we walk by.  I wonder if more people like wetlands or don’t? I also wonder that if the Waikiki wetland was still there would it be clean?  Hamakua Marsh is important and needs our love. It was so peaceful when we went there. I think we should keep it that way. Wetlands can clean the water, have plants,and are home to native animals.  -Ruby R.


Businesses have built around Hamakua Marsh. The marsh is part of the Kailua community.

Wetlands can prevent floods. For example, When there is a severe storm wetlands prevent floods. What’s cool is that coastal wetlands are protective barriers against waves, storm surges, and huge waves like tsunamis. I never knew that wetlands protect Hawaii from the forces of nature acting as a natural protection against severe storms. I wonder if wetlands can prevent flash floods.  -Hayden B.

Koloa Maoli or the Hawaiian Duck, are crossbreeding with mallards. Many of the Koloa on Oahu are actually crossbreeds of Mallards.

In addition, wetlands have endemic and endangered animals.  Did you know there are only 150 to 900 ‘Alae ‘Ula left?  Endangered means there are not many left in the wild.  It is mostly  because of invasive animals which means they were introduced. The invasive animals are interrupting the natural cycle and over eats the other animals.  Some invasive animals are, cats, dogs, rats, and mongoose.  -Isabella T.

Next, wetlands can keep our ocean clean and healthy. When it rains, wetlands filter out pollutants from the water.  I never knew that wetlands filter out pollutants. It is so cool. Without wetlands, dirt and rubbish gets washed out into the ocean after a big storm.  Then the ocean will get really dirty. -Eddy B.


Hawaii Nature Center hosted our Learning Trip to Hamakua Marsh.



Hamakua Marsh needs to be left alone.  You may think wetlands are useless however, wetlands stop by filtering the water.  You might think that more people should be able to come into Hamakua Marsh however, think about how the native birds will get chased away from people.  If we don’t save wetlands we might not be able to see a real ‘Alae ‘Ula. Thank you, maybe instead of building on wetlands you can work with wetlands like build a better fence to keep out invasive animals.  Please think twice before building on wetlands. I feel heartbroken if we we cannot see any native animals.  -Darius J.

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  • Good job kids! I am so proud of how much you care about the environment! Thank you for sharing what you have learned.

  • Great project! Great job kids and Mrs V.
    Grampa Dave B.


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