Monday, June 17, 2024

Good Bye Lunch

After an early morning swim, and a quick sun bathing session, my friend Mariana and I were keen on finding some grub. We stumbled upon Hula Grill, located in the Outrigger Hotel. At 1 P.M. in the afternoon, there was no wait for a late lunch, especially along the Lanai. Today was Mariana’s last day on the island before returning home to California for two weeks to visit her family. We figured we’d make her send off as Hawaiian as we possibly could. 


I sipped on Tutu’s moonshine, which much to my liking, came in a pineapple cup. Mariana, wanting to draw less attention, ordered a Lilikoi Coconut Spritzer. 

As we waited for our Baja Fish Tacos and Chef’s Burgers and Fries, we watched the beautiful day that was unfolding on Waikiki Beach. The Lanai is located directly about the Outrigger Hotel pool, where families gathered and splashed around. We gazed at the sea of little blue Outrigger umbrellas, and watched numerous surf lessons take place in the water. Though both Mariana and I are residents of Honolulu, it was hard not to feel like a tourist on this day. 

Our waitress, shame on me for not catching her name as I left, was all smiles when we ordered the Guava Hula Pie. 

The plate itself, admits conversation about her upcoming departure, took us nearly 20 minutes to finish. Not an ounce of that pie was left on the plate. With an ice macadamia nut coffee to go, we went on our merry way to Honolulu International Airport. 

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