Thursday, April 18, 2024

A seismic shift, photographically speaking

This might be one of those more “inside baseball” posts, but after years of photographing on a (d)SLR (the digital is in brackets because I do/did shoot film SLRs back in the day), I’m going to be making the switch over to doing the bulk of my work with a mirrorless camera. The Canon M5 specifically, when I was younger, carrying a 6lbs camera around everywhere I went didn’t seem like such a hassle. Now, as I cross the 4th decade threshold, my neck says the 6lbs is too heavy, after a full day of shooting my back says the 6lbs plus support gear is too heavy. Airlines are now saying my old camera bag is too big (technically right on the border of being too big for in cabin), also I’ve added more gear to my travel pack: a dji mavic drone, dedicated (stabilized) video camera, laptop etc; all of which can’t be checked in. Most of the time my photos are exported to 8 megapixels and uploaded to facebook/instagram/flickr so I don’t need the full 24 megapixels of my full frame 6D. Also I sort of hate shooting with the 6D, I should have saved a few more months to get the 5D mark III. Oh wells, lesson learned, prosumer is not professional (comment if you want me to write about that).

Canon M2 with 70~300 EF lens and 430ex ii strobe

So one of the big questions is why did I choose the Canon EOS-M series as my replacement system, and the reason is simple. I can use my existing canon gear with this camera and it will be fully compatible, it looks a bit ridiculous (see pic) but it works. Which means I’m not wasting a whole set of lenses, which satisfies my whole “cheaptography” philosophy, well if you don’t count the $1500 price tag of the camera lol. Also I’ve used the second to the last generation of this camera, and I’ve been quite surprised by how capable it is. Most people can’t tell when I switch between my dSLRs and the EOS-M series cameras.

Anyway the order has been placed, the camera is on its way and I’ll be posting my experiences soon. For now here are pics from my glory days of photoing with my dSLR. For the pictures of me photo credit to Dallas Nagata, Jasmine Deborah, some other peeps. Sorry I just found pics of me on facebook lol.


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