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Ghost hunting in Menlo Park

In the spirit of Halloween, my friend and host Lori Palfreeman drove me past the nearest reputed haunted house in her area – Peninsula School in Menlo Park. It was around 9 at night when we rolled through the affluent neighborhood and idled the engine outside this elegant old mansion-turned-school.

The legend goes: a man built this for his bride, Carmelita Coleman, in 1880. She was killed by a gunshot wound. Her spirit now haunts the place, along with other possible spirits. This website has a longer explanation: http://www.hauntedhouses.com/states/ca/peninsula_school.htm.

The gate was chained, so we sat in the Corvette and looked in from the street. The foyer was brightly lit, but the rest of the building was dark. We stared and stared for a few minutes, but we saw nothing.

“OH!” Lori cried. 

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed, rising out of my seat. I am, truth be told, a scaredy cat. I wouldn’t know what to do if I actually saw a ghost. And I lack the ability to see ghosts.

“Let’s take photos with our phones and see if we capture any orbs or images!” she suggested, delighted with her improv sleuthing skills. 

So we did. We each shot a dozen or so photos from different angles, rolling the car forward a foot at a time. 

In the end, we don’t believe we got anything on camera, though someone I know with psychic ability says she sees something in this photo. If you’re psychic, do you see it, too?

More about the actual school here: https://www.peninsulaschool.org/.

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