Monday, May 20, 2024
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Fall break in San Francisco’s Bay Area

We spent Olivia’s fall break in the Bay Area. The last time we took a family vacation out-of-state was four years ago!

We picked it because it’s relatively close and easy, and I lived there for ten years, so it’s comfortable. I have a fair number of family and friends there, and we stayed with one of them – a college friend, Lori, and her family in Redwood City.

We built a light agenda which turned out to be just the right balance of stimulus and downtime for our preferences. We don’t like to pack the schedule. We also wanted to leave time to socialize with our hosts.

This was our schedule:

Day 1: South Bay: Meander south along El Camino Real to my old neighborhood, Campbell. Family dinner with calabash cousins.

Day 2: Tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville.

Day 3: San Francisco: California Academy of Sciences museum, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Lombard Street.

Day 4: Aunt’s 90th birthday lunch, and birthday party for hosts’ daughter

Day 5: California’s Great America

Day 6: Girls’ Day: Lori and I shopped with daughters, then dropped them at home, got a massage, and took a haunted tour.

Details to follow in the coming blogs!

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