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Exercise like your life depends on it

In my youth, I exercised to look good. Now, in middle age, I exercise to feel good.

I gained 10 pounds this year. I had stopped exercising completely in my fatigue. Going for a walk would actually tire me.

My yoga room
My yoga room

I’m better now. I’m rested, and I’m walking again and doing other gentle activity.

Sometimes it’s hard. I still wake up tired for various reasons, but I try to force myself to do something.

I’ve never had weight issues before. I have no idea if this is going to be hard to lose because I’ve never yo-yo’d before with weight. It’d be nice to fit all my clothes again.

At this point, though, it’s more about mental health. It’s nice to wake up feeling happy and ready to take on the day.

It’s amazing how you keep redefining “normal” as you move through life. I don’t take it for granted anymore if I have an energetic day.

I want to live a Real Housewives of Honolulu life that I have always dreamed of. In each housewife stint, I thought about it and never totally made it happen. To me, that means daily yoga, perhaps the gym, a weekly social date, happily cooking dinner and keeping the house clean, and then being totally ready to hang with Olivia after school.

So this is good. I am motivated to get to the “next” level of living well. So much is based on my energy, so I walk like my life depends on it.

5 thoughts on “Exercise like your life depends on it

  • Great article, Diane. I know it’s hard keeping to an exercise routine, but at my age (72), I find the daily walk of 3 to 5 miles really keeps me alert and physically fit. Keep at it. My wife and I enjoy feeling a kind of relaxing “tired” after an hour or so of walking along the paths of our Laupahoehoe home. Plus, the exercise provides needed stress relief. Aloha, Russ.

    • Hi Russ, and thank you! Relaxing tired is the best.

  • Hi Diane, I’m either standup paddling, paddling my one man canoe or running almost daily. Marry Christmas to you and your family!

  • I don’t care for the gym. Too many sweaty people. Plus, a pair of New Balance size WIDE is cheaper than a membership. If it’s too rainy I hop on the treadmill with an audiobook.
    Listen to your body. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right sport.


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