Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Elliott Chun from Chun Wah Kam (@ChunWahKamHawaii)

I’ve recently started putting together some short videos for some of our clients for their social media use and this video is something that Island Insurance wanted to do to recognize some of their clients and their island roots and island values. Chun Wah Kam is the first video of a monthly series.

Chun Wah Kam started business in 1942 and meeting Elliott and getting to learn about his family business was a great experience. I enjoyed hearing about their history, but more so meeting Elliott and how much he knows that it is a blessing to be around as long as they have and to have the loyalty of so many regular customers.

The hardest part of the interview for me was getting through the session without my stomach growling too loud from all of the delicious food smells in the air.

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