Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Day four of 30 days of Apple

I wasn’t kidding, I actually had to google how to click with the new force touch trackpad. Technically, I had problems clicking and dragging.

After 4 days on this #30daysofApple, here’s my experiences so far: 

  1. I find forcetouch trackpads in their default setting, irritating as heck. If you’re the kind of person who by defaults grabs & drags, an on screen object at the center of the icon, forcetouch breaks this behavior and breaks dragging and dropping. So please, don’t do this PC makers. I actually had to google how to click, that sounds like a joke but I wasn’t the only one with that problem (see attached pic).
  2.  AirDrop is cool. We could use this in Windows. I also like how the macbook/macOS just know that my iPhone has a tethering option. 
  3.  Dongle life is irritating. But the Apple HDMI dongle works on my dell and enables 4K video, so that makes it a bit better.
  4.  The new keyboard style on the macbook is not very nice to type on for long periods.
  5.  USB-C PD power charging needs to be everywhere. But Apple needs to bring USB-A back or throw some adapter cables in with the laptop.
  6.  iMovie is still fun. iMovie Pro, i mean Final Cut Pro X isn’t bad, but definitely feels not pro.
  7.  The screen calibration/color reproduction on the macbook is so amazing. However I miss aperture, because iPhoto is balls. I installed Lightroom 4 on this thing.
  8.  Safari is just as good as Edge/IE… at downloading Chrome. Other than that it sucks.
  9.  messages is a poor replacement for mightytext, but the features like handwritten messages is cool.
  10. Apple zealots are still very zealotty. It’s ok to look at something critically, and remember, I used to use macs on a daily basis too. Started with a Powerbook 5300, imac G3, two generations of G4 powerbooks and macbook pro.

The first few days were irritating, but I think I’m past the growing pains period. To give this experiment a better chance, I’ve since switched my main “big monitor” on my desktop, over to the macbook with the windows machine taking up the secondary monitor. I had to cheat a little though, thru the use of a piece of software called synergy, I’m using my windows keyboard and mouse to control the macbook & windows machine simultaneously, think of it as a software KVM.  Pure apple keyboards feel like junk compared to typing on mechanical switches. Also, while I swear I will never edit another 4k video on this thing, iMovie is quite capable but very… how do you say? Wizardy. I have loaded FCPx in trial mode on to the thing and do plan on cutting a video on both premiere (on my xps 13) and FCP to see how they compare. With that, come back again to read more on my adventure returning to the mac/ios/apple world after a 4 year break. In some ways it feels like returning to an old home you remember, but in other ways, I remember why I sold the house and the new owners haven’t done a thing to fix it. Next question, should I move my android number/sim over to my iPhone? I feel like I’m still using the android phone more since my texts go there first.

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