Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Cooking your way to a flat belly

Someone sent me a book, unsolicited. I had to laugh when I opened the box and saw Flat Belly 365: The Gut-Friendly Superfood Plan to Shed Pounds, Fight Inflammation and Feel Great All Year Long.

Courtesy: HCI Books

I’m not a diet person. I just eat in moderation and try to choose healthy foods. My weakness is sugar. 

Yes, I’ve been carping about gaining ten pounds and not fitting the smaller sized dresses anymore. At first a little huffy, I thought maybe I should take a hint and be open minded.

This book is written by dietician Manuel Villacorta, who says to achieve a healthy gut and maintain lasting weight loss takes proven science that can be achieved with improving gut health with the right food ― super foods accompanied by anti-inflammatory fats, and prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Villacorta says this can balance your appetite, reduce cravings, regulate blood sugar, fight inflammation, and fuel your body with key nutrients for optimal health. 

Full color recipes like Fig Jicama Salad, Beef Bone Soup, Chocolate Smoothie Bowl and California Avocado Gazpacho sound pretty good, actually. All plans are adapted for all eating styles including vegetarian and vegan. 

His sample 7-Day menu program initially allows for 1,300 calories and graduates to a maintenance plan of 1800 calories per day. I read this while eating a bag of chips. 

I do have some revamping to do. I told my husband we should try this for kicks and see. 

Perhaps the next time I “see” you, dear reader, there shall be a teensy bit less of me. LOL

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