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BLOGSMake It A Great Year

Change your thoughts, change your life!

Double rainbow in Kane’ohe over the Ko’olau Mountains

How to make this a great year!

What we vibrate into the universe causes our life to unfold to match that vibration. Learn how to change the thoughts that become those vibrations, to manifest your dreams!

Spiritual practitioner Bill McRoberts shares his passion for helping people create change in a free series of workshops. Here’s what you’ll learn:
How self-talk reprograms the subconscious mind
How to create a vision, then manifest it
How to remove any blocks that prevent your vision from manifesting
(New this year) Why forgiveness helps you move forward with your best life
What you pay: Spend three hours this weekend – to change the rest of your life
What you get: The tools to move forward to create an amazing life, a COVID-19 cloth face mask, a journal, and a lot of positive vibes!

WHEN: Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 2-5 p.m.
WHERE: Mid-Pacific Country Club- Lanikai Room, 266 Ka’elepulu Drive in Kailua
PARKING: Free parking lots at the golf course
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for in-person attendance: (808) 261-5556 / (max 30 people due to COVID-19 restrictions)
Call (808) 261-5556 for questions or reservations.

Facebook: Creating the Life You Would Love to Live, One Great Year at a Time
Instagram: @GreatYearExercise

PS: Spread the word! Invite a friend!

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