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Celebration of pants that fit again

Today was a banner day! I fit my jeans again! Copious use of exclamation points!!!

I gained ten pounds last year and, well, you know it just doesn’t melt off that easily. If you don’t know, just stop reading right now and send me your address so I can come over and pelt you with cupcakes.

I had refused to buy new pants, so I didn’t wear pants for a year. I have emergency “fat pants” that are one size up and meant for post-buffet weekends or menstrual days, but I somehow lost them for months, so I eschewed all the bottoms that I own.

It is not about money. I could go to Macy’s which perennially has a sale these days (unlike when I was in high school and sales were special and something to watch for in the newspaper), or Ross, or even Goodwill and snap up a pair for a few bucks.

It was on principle! I will not acknowledge I need to size up! That would be admitting failure!

If you have gone out with me over the past year, you have only seen me in a dress. Particularly the wrap dresses, which I can tie as loosely as I want (or need.) Elastic is my friend.

Then the day came when my friend, Beth, invited me to a rock concert. I am not going to wear a dress to a rock concert. I had a real reason now to stop avoiding my pants. If I can’t fit any of my pants, I will have to suck it up and buy something. #fail

I’ve been working out semi-hard for a few months so I thought I’d see if any of my jeans fit. They did! I kind of can’t believe it because I only lost a pound, if the doctor’s scale is to be trusted!

I have to share this news with somebody because it just went right over my husband’s head. He’s one of those men who loses weight easily and he’s never struggled with clothes that don’t fit. “Great,” he said, and just moved on to the next topic. Whatever!!!

These are the jeans. This is not the blog event. It’s a 2015 photo with my friends Audra and Trini.

Now, I’m going to be honest here. These are my big jeans. They’ve always been the loosest fitting ones, and – and! – on top of that, they’re super elastic. They’re practically jeans leggings. Jeggings. 

But I am going to count this because they still fasten at the top with a button, and that button reunites with the buttonhole for the first time in a while. #winning!

4 thoughts on “Celebration of pants that fit again

  • Hello Di,
    Great job! Awesome! Congratulations! It’s not easy to shed the pounds, it takes a lot of work and commitment.

  • Congratulations!! I know how hard it is. Still struggling to lose mine. Trying not to focus on the scale but it’s hard. Good for you!


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