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Body roller is like therapy balls and foam roller in one

I have had a foam roller for a long time. I have had massage therapy balls for a couple years. I like them both, though I like the balls better. 

The Original Worm. Courtesy: Wormwide Products LLC

Now I see there’s something that combines both, called The Original Worm. It looks like if a foam roller married therapy balls and had a baby. 

A Worm is two pairs of balls encased in neoprene. I had to try it because I always have aches and pains from the constant, strenuous workouts I do twice a day.

Just kidding! It’s just because I’m old and crooked. LOL

My husband, who is actually quite athletic and active, has legitimate aches from all his exercise. 

Portable uses for The Original Worm. Courtesy: Wormwide Products LLC

We have never seen a worm-concept product before, so we tried it. We ordered the smaller size.

As its creator, athlete Karen Atkins, intended, the Worm combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. The best things about it, we decided, are the fact that the balls stay together when rolling down one’s spine or large surfaces, and is great for travel.

I find when use two yoga balls to massage my spine, they don’t roll at the same time or in the same direction. (Or I’m not coordinated.) 

My husband likes its portability and plans to use it on a trip or in his car. It’s way more portable a foam roller, and less likely to get lost than two balls floating around your suitcase. He also feels the balls get deeper into a leg or arm roll than a foam roller does.

We both like the yoga balls for certain applications though. I found it hard to shove four balls under my shoulder blade or under my gluteus. Even positioning it so that just one ball is under the desired spot is a little tricky.

So if you get this, I wouldn’t throw away your individual balls. Use them all together to tenderize yourself. 

The Original Worm is available in two sizes and two colors, starting at $24.99. More at http://www.theoriginalworm.com.

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