Bedtime stories for newsroom baby

This is the kind of bedtime reading we occasionally do: I bring out the KITV4 Island News scripts and the show rundown and I have Olivia practice reading aloud. Then we go over how to read a news lineup.

We review how the cameras and shots are scripted, how the news anchors toss to the weather or sports anchors, what teases are, how to tell if the story starts with video off the top or has an on camera read first.

I go over the types of story formats and quiz her to identify each one as indicated in the lineup. We talk about kickers and their placement in the show, what “floated” means, and then I use the terms in a sentence so she might understand technical conversations.

At other times, in her waking hours, I work with her on how to shoot video for news. I talk to her about how to anchor, what goes into reporting, what different jobs are in the newsroom.

My daughter may never want to be a newscaster, but I hope to give her a head start should she choose to pursue that option. I’ve had such fun in my years in broadcasting, and I like to share that with her.

11/6/18 General election – Ed Case for Congress

All she wishes to do is to use her ten minutes before lights out to squeeze out a little more Netflix time, but she tolerates me. #FunMom

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