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Be more– by doing less!

America is a culture that values workers, but mindfulness teacher Jacqui Macdonald suggests we shift our priority from nonstop working to the point of exhaustion, to embrace, instead, the value in stillness. Do less, be more – to sum up her book.

The Lost Art of Being: Secrets to a Calm, Happy, Easy Life. Courtesy: Troubador Publishing

In her new book, The Lost Art of Being: Secrets to a Calm, Happy, Easy Life, Macdonald challenges the reader to be happy in a way that’s shockingly simple.

She points out the immense power of slowing down, letting heart rule head, and remembering how just to be. “It’s amazing,” explains Macdonald. “We already have the magic and ability within us to thrive in any way we want; we don’t have to drive ourselves to the point of breakdown in order to satisfy the ‘do more, be more, and achieve more’ pressures that life puts on us. The answers are already in us all, and the ancient wisdom in my book will ignite that fire.”

“It’s actually very easy to feel happy and calm, and to achieve our full potential and biggest dreams. The book offers a very different take on the traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques millions of women around the world adopt, and will provide the inner peace and happiness we all crave,” she concludes.

“Human beings became human doings,” she writes, “…stressed and self-destructive.” 

Macdonald offers some inspirational free-form poems, a question-and-answer section for those who just can’t understand how to let go of work, and finishes with a ten point guide on how to achieve all this. (Ironic, when you consider the book’s message is to just relax. I guess people are so tightly wound these days, we need a how-to guide on nothingness.)

She advises to breathe deeply, play outside, eat right, and start connecting with yourself today. For more, visit

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