Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Back to basics

Time is money. And I don’t have enough of both.

You all know me as a blogger from Frolic Hawaii (previously Nonstop Honolulu, which used to be Metromix) and I’m still there, but I felt I needed to start a separate site page to get back to my blogging roots.

There’s nothing wrong with the innovative concepts and styles being employed by the popular sites; in fact, I love the entertaining approach. But the push for newer, better, more entertaining content takes time. A lot of time. And as a business owner, I don’t have that.

With the AdStreamz team and friends at our Christmas party.

My real job is running a social media company, AdStreamz, with my business partner, Russ Sumida (you know him as @Parkrat). People think my real job is my blog, but it’s really my hobby! And in recent years, that hobby has taken up way more time than my actual job! 

Before all the bells and whistles, it used to be easy and fun — I could crank out blog posts almost daily. Make no mistake, every blog post, even this one, takes a few hours to create. As time went on, each blog post took longer and longer to make. Then in recent months, I’d be lucky to post one blog a week. What happened?

When will my reflection show?

According to, the standard definition of a blog is “a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.” Part of it has been the lack of personal support, but I think the push to innovate and make my blog newsy has actually de-motivated me and put me in a state of digital paralysis. I’ve lost my blogging mojo … probably because my blog — at least, parts of it — is no longer a reflection of me, but a reflection of someone else. 

I’ll keep posting to Frolic, but this blog will be a place for me to express myself the way I think a true blog should, in hopes it helps me get my mojo back. I’ll still have selected food, travel and lifestyle shots, but often pulled in from my instagram to help save me time in giving a whole review on a place. It will probably evolve over time, as it should, but hopefully with a natural flow.

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