Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Ask Melissa808: Where can I cater a healthy lunch?

Yunji de Nies belongs to a mommy group that gets together once a month. Since potlucks don’t work well, each mom takes turns being in charge of feeding the entire group.

Yunji knows that the moms want to eat healthy, since she brought fried chicken to the last potluck and NO ONE ATE IT! (Who does that?!) So she wants to find a (reasonable) place that has light, healthy lunches and something sweet for dessert. Here are my top picks:

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One thought on “Ask Melissa808: Where can I cater a healthy lunch?

  • That’s a shame. I brought a spaghetti my grandma helped me make to an end of the year pot luck @ Waimanalo School; quite a bit of people had.


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