Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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An ode to my heating pad

It’s 54 degrees tonight in my part of Hawaii, and I’m enjoying this chill. Considering how other states and locales fare during the winter, I still feel pretty wimpy about calling this cold.

But wimpy, I am. I am tucked under a down comforter and I have a heating pad on high.

I must confess I brought out the heating pad two months ago for a sore back, and I never put it away. It coincided with autumn’s cooler temperatures and I started enjoying its warmth at night.

It’s too hot for my husband, so I’ve isolated what could have been my human heater. He rolls to the other side of the bed to avoid being roasted.

I’ve developed a routine where I now turn the pad on before I brush my teeth, so it’s all ready when I come to bed. It’s very exciting, really. I love sliding into a toasty, warm bed.

It reminds me of living in the East Coast and considering electric blankets a necessity. This is like the scaled-down tropics version.

I guess when I really think about it, how can I possibly deserve to say I “enjoy this chill?” All I’ve really admitted here is that I enjoy sitting under (or above, if I switch it up and lie on it) 135 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

So… how are you managing this weekend’s winter storm, and do you like the cold, or not?

One thought on “An ode to my heating pad

  • Hello Diane,
    I prefer cold rather than hot or humid weather. It’s not that cold where I would need a heating pad though.


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