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Keiki Blogger Winner-Adventures in Kaimuki

We took a little break to go on Winter Break.  Before we went on break, we drew names to pick a winner.  The winner would have his/her entire write up on our Kaimuki Adventures posted on our blog!  Congratulations to Melodie W., our Aloha Keiki Blogger winner!

Kaimuki Adventures

Written by Keiki Blogger Melodie W.

 Have you seen a beautiful place called Kaimuki?  Do you know a place called Kaimuki?  Do you live in Kaimuki?  I feel that Kaimuki is a beautiful place to be in.  Kaimuki has great eating places, history, and friendly places.

Kaimuki has good eating places.  Stir has really good people working there.  They will let you choose your own ice cream flavor.  They also let you get your own ice cream.  You can add whatever topping you want but be careful!  Because you have to pay by the weight!  They are very kind to your family and friends.  The address to go to Stir is 3583 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816.   Its also a good place to do your homework and to relax when you are tired.  Stir is a great place to have dessert.      

In addition, Kaimuki has history.   Kaimuki is a naturally dusty, dry area that was not heavily populated in the past, because of lack of water.  Who would have known?  Now everyone wants to live  Kaimuki.     

 Finally, Kaimuki has friendly places.  One example is Stir.  If you like yogurt then you would love Stir.  They greeted me so I bet that they would also  greet you!  When you put a scup of yogurt  in your mouth you will be amaze!  


Once in awhile my family and I will go to Kaimuki Public Library to get books. The reason why we go there is because they have the best books in the world.  Another reason why is because we will get to borrow new books.

The Kaimuki Library made an awesome meeting place for our bloggers to get set up into groups.

 It’s easy to think that newer is better because things are cleaner.  On the other hand, I feel that old neighborhoods should be kept alive because that is what makes Kaimuki special.  As you can see, Kaimuki is a beautiful place.  Do you want to have some fun?  Then go to Kaimuki to have fun shopping and eating!

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