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A day bed in the living room spells failure

I put a daybed (Hawaiian: punee) in the living room. My husband thinks it’s awful.

He protested the idea. I pulled the Wife Card.

By daybed, I mean twin bed from one of the guest rooms. No pretty frame around it to make it appear like furniture for awake people.

Foreground: daybed with Jens Rasmussen on it. SEE HOW USEFUL?!  Background: Olivia and friends on sofa.

So basically, it’s a bed, but saying “daybed” makes it exotic sounding. I can dress it up with words.

At first, I attempted to conform to some kind of interior decoration aspiration by putting a king size, solid colored sheet over the whole thing. It looked like a big blue ottoman.

Over time, though, it gradually started looking more like what it is: a bed. It’s tucked in the back corner of the living room so it’s not in the “main” sitting area. That makes it better?

One night, I had insomnia, so I ended up skulking around the living room for hours and then I slept on the bed. Now it has a big blanket on it.

I’m going for total comfort. I don’t care what our occasional guests think.

The people who come are our friends, anyway. We don’t host business functions.

Here’s what I like about it:

It’s where Olivia and I lie down to watch Netflix.

For slumber parties, the kids sleep in the living room. This comes in handy.

The bed is high – taller than any other bed or sofa we have. It meets Claus’ hand height, so he doesn’t have to bend over much to massage me. Really, I am just thinking about him.

There are two sofas plus this punee in the living room, so each of our family members can have a horizontal space. Otherwise, I would end up cramped on sofa with someone.

When my family has friends over, I can lie there and be semi-social yet blissfully horizontal (if they aren’t already; see photo.)

I’ve owned real daybeds and futon sofas before, and I prefer a bed. I don’t like hitting my limbs on the wood or metal backboards that usually frame two of the mattress sides, and I find them less springy.

Here’s what I regret:

It’s not so much that having a full on bed in the living room looks rather, uh, ghetto. It’s that it means I’ve given up. It’s the house version of a person who stops brushing their hair and putting on matching clothes before leaving the house.

I complete relinquish any effort to make the pages of House Beautiful. I try to keep the house tidy and I often fail. I used to try to make the house socially acceptable (to adults) and I’m tired of trying.

What comes next? Elastic waistbands? No-wrinkle polyester?

Oh well. (Olivia and) I like it and that’s that. We can always move it out when we’re tired of it. Maybe I’ll just lie down on that punee and mull it over.

2 thoughts on “A day bed in the living room spells failure

  • Punee in the living room seems perfectly normal. Isn’t that how everyone in Hawai’i grew up? It takes care of the over flow of cousins, aunties,uncles or extended ohana who spend the night. (and sometimes never leave.)
    “What comes next?” As long as it isn’t a fanny pack you’re safe.


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