Kid blogger: Haleiwa Joe’s restaurant review

by Ava, age 9

Great food, great company, and beautiful views. I went to a restaurant called Haleiwa Joe’s at 46-336 Haiku Road in beautiful Kaneohe.

Haleiwa Joe's. Courtesy: Ava
Haleiwa Joe’s. Courtesy: Ava

The first time I went there, I walked in and there were a lot of people. The wait time was just about an hour so I was anticipating the food to be really good.

The setting is really nice. It is an open restaurant that overlooks a large pond. The view also includes the beautiful Ko`olau mountains. On the weekends they offer live music for entertainment.

The food is great. I usually go there for special occasions with my family. My mom, sister and I usually share the prime rib. My dad eats one all by himself.

Prime Rib dinner. Courtesy: Ava
Prime Rib dinner. Courtesy: Ava

The Prime Rib plate consists of a slow roasted, 32 oz. piece served with the bone, accompanied by your choice of starch and sauteed vegetables. The meat was cooked perfectly; very juicy, tasty and soft. You would need to try it to really understand.

For the most part we all got the prime rib, but my grandma’s favorite dish is the steamed local catch – a fish marinated in black bean garlic sauce, served over steamed baby boo choy, shiitake mushrooms and white rice. According to my grandma, it is the best.

My brother had the Keiki Burger with French Fries which he orders all the time because they make it just the way he likes it. It’s the place to go!

I would have to say that it is sort of a kid friendly place. The keiki (kid) menu only offers three items, however kids can take a walk to the pond and feed the ducks. The service there is exceptional; the waiters are very friendly and personable.

Ava's family. Courtesy: Ava
Ava’s family. Courtesy: Ava

It was my papa’s birthday and he got a free desert and the staff sang Happy Birthday to him. Our water glasses are always filled and our food came out all at the same time in a timely matter.

We love going there! The food is delicious, the service is awesome, and we love the atmosphere and the beautiful views.

3 thoughts on “Kid blogger: Haleiwa Joe’s restaurant review

  • December 5, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Great job Ava! I enjoyed your review. Happy belated birthday to your Papa🎉

  • December 5, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Hi Ava! Thank you for such a great article – I would love to thank you in person 😊 Please call me at the restaurant. Thank you!

    Tim York
    Haleiwa Joes at Haiku Gardens

  • December 6, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    My wife and I went for the first time about 6 months ago and she had the biggest prime rib that I ever saw served on a plate. I couldn’t believe how big it was. I had the Sticky Ribs. I think my wife made 3 meals out of that prime rib.


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